Hôtel Le Comte Rouge


Le Comte Rouge, a charming and welcoming small 2-star hotel with 18 rooms located in the heart of the city of Thonon les Bains.

Serge and Nathalie PONT took over the management of the Hotel in September 2016 after 20 years overseas.

Serge has more than thirty years of hotel career, beginning his professional development in Metropolitan France with positions in Toulouse, Paris, Avignon and Arles, then in Guadeloupe, French Polynesia and Indonesia. In Indonesia, Serge Pont served as General Manager of Novotel Lombok to complete his tropical trip to Polynesia as Deputy Executive Director at pearl Resort in Moorea.

Nathalie began her career as a travel agent, travel organizer and tour guide for Salt Voyages in Toulouse and after moving to French Polynesia worked for many years in Moorea as a branch manager of an insurance company.

The two have combined their experiences and love of customer service to start this new adventure together.

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